About us

Franco and Eleonora

SellOttO was created, developed, and actually manudactured by a couple, Franco - aeronautical engineer and Eleonora - pediatrician, starting from their daily cycling experiences.

  • Franco has worked for 11 years in Italian Air Force and then for 25 years for one of the leading corporate consultancy firms; he currently works full-time in the management of the company Idea 8.0 srl, as responsible for the development and production of sellOttO.
  • Eleonora works as a Pediatrician for 35 years, currently in the main Pediatric Hospital of Turin; actually it manages in parallel the development and the operational tests of the ergonomic characteristics of sellOttO.

SellOttO development process

SellOttO was developed from 2015 to 2017 through the following main activities:

  • initial data collection from the cyclists about main advantages and disantavantages of actual bike saddles

  • thorough analysis of balance betweeen pedalling effectiveness and saddle comfort

  • design and patent request on basic shape and on main features of sellOttO

  • development of 15 prototypes, tested

    • on the field (several types of bicycles, tested by cyclists with different training, using all types of wear)

    • in the laboratories (anatomic and structural tests)

  • support from the main italian bike experts, included the “italian style” in the final version

  • Certification by both the Sports Medicine Center of the University of Pavia, and the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering of the Polytechnic of Turin (according to the European legislation UNI EN 14764: 2006)

Sellotto production and sales processes

Actually sellotto:

  • It is fully made in Italy, by expert craftsmen in the sector: plastic printing (plastic mold), padding molding, preliminary assembly (assembly), and final finishing (finishing)

  • it is sold directly from our sellOttO - Shop on Line and from other online channels (Amazon and EBay).