innovative saddle bike in the shape of 8

To each his own "SellOTTO"

Sometimes appearances are deceiving and in this case, the "SellOTTO", has really amazed us!

From an initial skepticism - given the unusual shape we found ourselves in front of - after only a few pedalling we began to realize that the SellOTTO was not only the result of a courageous experimentation, but an absolutely original and curious market news. Built entirely in Italy - conceived by an engineer and a doctor - SellOTTO has a particular "EIGHT" shape that makes it unique. (BICITECH - Fabio Boiocchi - 24/05/2017)

SellOttO bicycle saddle with a new and unique shape

Comfortable bike saddle for woman cyclists with skirt mini, long, maxi, longuette, stretch

Cycling with the skirt: manual for cyclists in longuette (and mini, and...)

A mini guide to pedalling without embarrassment and without risks while wearing long, mini, maxi, stretch skirts. By the way, did you know that there is a new saddle designed to increase comfort on two wheels? (VOGUE - Tricia Di Girolamo - 08/11/2019)

Test bicycle Gravel with sellOttO, italian noseless saddle, intuitive and comfortable even for cyclists with health problems

Test of SellOttO, the Italian noseless - Personal conclusions

Very personal indeed. I shouldn't write, but since I was one of those cyclists who had to give up his passion, for a long time, because of health problems linked to the impossibility to pedal on a traditional saddle, I would like to express some other concepts. Actually Sellotto mounted on my Gravel convinced me and I liked it maybe after the first 30 minutes I cycled on it, among the noseless ones I tried it was the most comfortable and intuitive one. (MTB-MAG.COM - Luca Manfrini - 22/02/2020)

Facebook recommendations and reviews on the sellOttO bicycle saddle

Some Facebook recommendations and reviews on the sellOttO bicycle saddle, updated 30/09/2020

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Feedback over the last 12 months: 19 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative

Amazon positive feedback on seller sellOttO, saddle bike without any soreness, compression, crushing feedbacks about sellOttO seller, updated to 25/03/20

100% positive over the last 12 months (13 feedbacks)

Massimo Strazzer, professional cyclist from 1991 to 2004, at Giro d'Italia won the points classification in 2001Massimo Strazzer, a professional cyclist from 1991 to 2004, won the points classification at the Giro d'Italia in 2001. Sports Director F.C.I. - CONI, currently supports professional and non-professional cyclists. In the postural field: Posturometric Technician of the postural dysfunction team at UNIVR Borgo Roma – Verona of Dr. Vedovi Ermes.

"Fascinated by Franco's initial enthusiasm, I gladly contributed to the preliminary deepening of his project ideas. For all those cyclists who do not have competitive ambitions, sellOttO is a comfortable saddle that helps to prevent some of the annoyances complained of by bicycle lovers"

Strategic management, free time fashion shows and cycling"Sofia, graduated from the University of Turin in Business Administration - Strategic Management, is currently working on data acquisition, quantitative testing, and qualitative analysis. In her free time, she is also happy to dedicate herself to fashion shows and her bike.

"SellOttO has finally brought together my passion for cycling around the city and the desire to wear a miniskirt without any particular constraints or tricks in my pedaling"

Flag AustraliaHere in Australia we practically live by bike: sadOttO is really a brilliant idea (Matteo - Australia)

Flag AustriaI just want to tell you that it was love "at first touch". After just a few kilometers I got used to it and would not miss it any more (Andrea - Austria)

Flag CroatiaI have no medical condition (known) and my body weight is closer to slim. Still I'm always very uncomfortable on the regular seat (feeling of being compressed which lasts for days after a longer biking session). So I'm happy with sellOttO now. Thanks! (Vinko - Croatia)

Flag Czech RepublicAfter some initial familiarization, the saddle is very comfortable. I have been using it on my city bike as well as MTB; I find the sitting much more natural. I think that even my performance is better this way (Pavol - Czech Republic)

Flag FinlandI’ve been happy with sellOttO. Last week I tried a bicycle again with normal triangular saddle and that hurt already after 5 minutes! That is a great proof that sellOttO concept is working (Panu - Finland)

Flag FranceI use sellOttO because I am overweight; I am satisfied because with a traditional saddle I can't do much. This saddle solves my problem, and I am satisfied (Nicolas - France)

Flag GermanyThanks for inventing this saddle, finally no pain in the prostate and male parts! (Michael - Germany)

Flag GreeceI did a first 5-min ride and it feels excellent! (Dimitris - Greece)

Flag HollandWith this model I can ride my bike without pain in the perineum, unlike other saddles with large cavities (Ruggero - Holland)

Flag ItalyAfter a year of forced stop, it was a great joy to return to cycling around the city. Although apparently "strange", it was easy to adapt to SellOttO (Cecilia - Italy)

Flag SingaporeI am definitely interested in your saddle, especially after a long ride today (Anthony - Singapore)

Flag SloveniaSince I got GIRO seat I made about 800 km on my road bike. My rides are 2 and half to 3 hours long. As I studied other like seats, so in that group sellOttO would take my first place (Robert - Slovenia)

Flag SpainThe sellOttO saddle is going great. I had tried many saddles for my troubles and with this design they are over. It is a very well thought out saddle (Orlando - Spain)

Flag SwedenI have tried it for the first time on my indoor trainer and a question that pops up in my head is why haven't anybody thought of this before? I felt very "relaxed" when I finished my first 30 min training (Richard - Sweden)

Flag SwitzerlandYou have to get used to it, but I am very satisfied, having prostate problems and cycling more than 5000 km per year (Philippe - Switzerland)

Flag TunisiaThe difference with my old saddle is enormous, especially from the point of view of comfort and balance (Naceur - Tunisia)

Flag United KingdoomI ordered sellOttO also for my 2nd bike, because these saddles are a perfect for people suffering from perennial problems; they are a joy to ride, no pain. In summary wouldn't go back to using any other saddle (Justin - United Kingdom)

Flag United States of AmericaI am very excited about sellOttO. I think this will help me tremendously as traditional saddles were never comfortable for my body frame. Thank you for producing the saddle! (Kathleen - United States of America)

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After trying sellOttO for at least 4 weeks, 95% of sellOttO cyclists are satisfied. Only 5% ask to be refunded, and return to using the previous traditional saddle

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