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SellOttO Mini Gel CONDOR Men - Soft short saddle | saves Prostate and Pudendal Nerve | Mountainbike and others


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  • The world's first and only short 'triangular' double saddle (patented), fully Adjustable and with alternating Damping

  • Gel and soft polyurethane padding (S3)

  • Suggested for narrow ischial bones (normally male)

  • Ideal for MTB - Mountain Bikes, Gravel, Tourism, Cargo, E-bike

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  • ENJOY YOUR BIKE - Do you dream of reducing the risks of discomfort and pain of traditional bicycle saddles (Genital numbness, Prostatitis, Vulvites, Dermatitis)? Invest in health with "sellOttO", the bike seat that "does not press the genital area": it combines the pleasure of cycling with a physical well-being. Designed with style and comfort in mind, recommended by Sports Medicine for men and women, in Sport and Leisure Time
  • DUAL - Length 17 cm, installable on any Standard Seatpost (rails circular shaped, with a diameter of 7 mm, and internal distance 36 mm).Fully adjustable (using a pair of screws on the inside of each half-saddle), so you can customise the saddle to your bike use, build, and ischial bone width. Narrow pelvis - width of ischial bones < 13 cm is normally found in men; wide pelvis - width of ischial bones > 13 cm is normally found in women (a tip from Selle SMP for measuring your ischial bone width); the pelvis should only be rested in the rear 8 cm of the saddle. Slightly rough faux leather cover, to ensure greater stability of the cyclist's pelvis. Alternating dampening (thanks to the support rail made from spring steel), both to go along with the leg in extension (with the slight elastic lowering of the relevant half-saddle) and to help the leg in flexion (with the elastic return of the relevant half-saddle)
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